Veterinary Services

High-quality, professional veterinary services

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Beehive Vets Healthy Hive Club includes UNLIMITED consultations, meaning as a member you can bring your pet in whenever you need to, and whatever the concern, without having to worry about the cost.

Membership also includes annual vaccinations, health checks, flea, worm and tick treatments (delivered to your door!) and many more benefits and discounts.

Prevention is always better than cure, and delaying a checkup or treatment can have a dramatic effect on the outcome, so being a member means total peace of mind knowing you can see a vet whenever you need to.

Animal Health / Export Certificates

Luke, Esther, and Chloe are qualified official veterinarians and can certify animals for travel either on an animal health certificate to Europe or an export health certificate outside of the EU. If you are planning to travel and would like some advice, please give us a call.

Behavioural advice

Both Candice and Alix regularly hold behavioural consultations for conditions ranging from inappropriate toileting to noise phobias and aggression.

Cat Friendly

Beehive Vets are proud to have Silver Cat Friendly status.

We want our feline friends to be as stress-free on their visits as possible. We have dedicated feline advocate staff, who have arranged separate cat and dog waiting areas, as well as separate cat and dog wards.

We also have a special stand for cats to be placed up high while awaiting their appointment and towels to cover their carriers to reduce stress.

Read more about our cat-friendly services here


Veterinary consultations: All consultations are 15 minutes long and held in large dedicated consulting rooms with sofas and natural lighting. Consultations are with Luke, Esther or Chloe. If you would like to request to see a particular vet, please ask and we can arrange this for you.

Nurse consultations: All our nurse consultations are with our very experienced, registered veterinary nurses Candice and Alix. They can perform post-operative checks, nail clips, anal gland expressions and lots more!


We have a dedicated, in house dental suite with digital dental x-ray machine. Performing dental treatments without access to dental radiography is strongly advised against due to the risk of missing pathology not visible on the surface. All our dental treatments include a full series of dental x-rays so that no diseased teeth are missed.


Ultrasonography including cardiac scanning
Luke is currently studying for a postgraduate certificate in cardiology (2023) and has many years of experience performing ultrasound scans. Everything from pregnancy diagnosis to heart disease, bladder problems to liver masses.

He have a brand-new, small-diameter, flexible endoscope that allows us to perform endoscopy of hard-to-reach places such as the nose, lungs and stomach. Very useful for those poor dogs that manage to inhale a grass seed on a walk!

We have a dedicated digital radiography room that is regularly used for taking X-rays of legs, lungs, hearts, abdomens, spines and more.

In-house Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory allows us to have results available within minutes. This includes a haematology machine to assess red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets; biochemistry machine to assess liver, and kidney parameters, protein levels, glucose and electrolyte levels; an Artificial intelligence-based urinalysis microscope that will assess for the presence of cells, protein casts and crystals in urine.

We can perform certain specific tests for diseases such as pancreatitis with in-house snap tests, similar to lateral flow. We also regularly use our microscope to assess blood smears, cytology from lumps, bacteria and yeast from ear swabs and urine samples. Anything that cannot be run in-house is sent by overnight courier to our local veterinary laboratory in Wetherby.

Nutritional advice

Candice, our head nurse, has many years’ experience as a nutritionist and has post-graduation qualifications in the area. From simple advice over the phone to more complex, in-person consultations, we can help with all your nutrition queries.


Many soft tissue surgeries are performed in-house and on-site at Beehive Vets.

Routine neutering of all domestic species can be performed in-house at competitive rates.

These include lump removals; ear surgeries; abdominal surgeries such as splenectomies and removal of intestinal or gastric foreign bodies; GDV surgery; biopsies; wound repairs and much more. In addition to this, Luke regularly performs complex surgical procedures such as fracture repairs, cruciate rupture repairs and patella luxation repairs.

All surgical procedures are performed in a dedicated sterile theatre with advanced anaesthetic monitoring machines to minimise any anaesthetic risk.

Titre Testing

We offer on-site testing of dogs for antibody levels against viral diseases including Distemper, Hepatitis and parvovirus.

Read about our Titre Testing service on our blog:


Vaccinations including rabies: Cats, rabbits, dogs and ferrets can all receive vaccinations at Beehive Vets. As well as annual vaccinations, we can arrange for specific vaccinations such as rabies for travelling animals, or herpes for breeding dogs.