Beehive Vets - 2 Years Old - Feb 14th 2024

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103 Commercial Street, Rothwell, Leeds, LS260QD

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If we are closed and you have an emergency please contact swift referrals:
01937 374888

Welcome to Beehive Vets

Independent, family-run Vet Practice in Rothwell, Yorkshire

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We so proud to be your local independent vet practice. You can find us located on Commercial Street in Rothwell.

New puppy or kitten?

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Meet your new local vets;
Luke and Esther Green

We're independent vets.

Having spent a combined 28 years as veterinary surgeons we finally had the opportunity to open our own practice, a lifelong dream for us both.

The veterinary industry has become overwhelmingly corporate over the last decade and has lost its personal touch.

Join the family

We want a practice that harks back to the more family feel of the places we used to work, where you'll feel welcome and valued all the time.

Gold-standard care policy

Be assured that we always oversee every aspect of your pet's care so that the standard of care your pet receives is always the best it can be.

In control of your treatment

We want to be free to invest in the best equipment in order to provide a high level of care to your pets all the time.

A welcoming practice

We've created a warm and welcoming experience for you and your beloved pets so that coming into our practice feels like coming into our home.

Latest updates

Symptoms of BOAS and Treatment

Understanding Symptoms of BOAS and Ways to Treat the Problem

Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome is a disease affecting the upper airways (nose and back of throat) of dogs (and less commonly some cats) with “pushed-in” faces. The obstruction occurs at 3 main sites Narrow nostrils Overlong soft palate (roof of the mouth) Larynx (“valve” at the top of the windpipe)

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Video: How we take blood samples in the practice

Please NOTE: Needles and blood samples are shown in this clip. This video is for educational purposes and is designed to give our clients an insight into what to expect when coming to an appointment where pet blood samples will be taken. Other pet care videos in this series: Video:

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8 Reasons you should neuter your pet | Beehive Vets

8 reasons you should neuter your pet

What is neutering? Neutering is a surgical way to stop reproduction. In males it’s called castration and in females it’s called spaying. During castration both testicles are removed. This prevents fertility and also reduces the amount of the male hormone testosterone. When a female is spayed, the ovaries and uterus

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Where to find us...

Beehive vets

103 Commercial Street

Beehive Vets is located opposite the New Street Doctor’s Surgery, and over the road from the Hare and Hounds pub off the end of the high street.

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